We enjoyed seeing all the animals, but I think our favorite part of the park was the giant ball that we played king of the mountain on. We also loved the slides that had large bumps in the middle of them that would bounce you up in the air and often throw you off your tube. I think water parks might be more fun in other countries that have fewer restrictions.

They also have an eco park with lots of animals that visitors can feed and play with. We really liked the monkeys that were jumping all over the park trying to grab food.

Alan took the day off of work so we could visit a place called Bukit Merah, which is kind of like an amusement park for Malaysians. They have an island where they are conserving and breeding orangutans. The orangutans were so cute, especially the little babies in diapers.

After all our hiking, we decided to treat ourselves to a foot spa. Alan’s friends at work had told him about a place where fish will eat the dead skin off your feet and leave them looking clean and refreshed. Our feet definitely could use a bit of help after trekking though the jungles of SE Asia for a month, so we decided to try it out. They begin by having you wash your legs and feet. Then you put them in a tank with hundreds of Garra Rufa fish. The little fish start nibbling the skin right away. At first it tickled a lot, and we were laughing our heads off. After awhile, you get use to the feeling and it begins to feel more like little electrical shocks. We let the fish eat the dead skin off our feet for forty minutes, and our feet did feel smoother and cleaner when we were finished. After our foot spa, we shared an ice kachung, which is a beautiful dessert if you look at it from a distance. However, ice Kachung means ice bean, and the multi colored dessert is actually made with shaved ice and topped peas, corn, and beans. We asked to replace the kachung with fruit.

Today Sonja and I hiked Penang hill, the highest peak in Penang. We were told that we needed to hike with something to keep away the wild dogs and monkeys, so we brought an umbrella. We never had to use it, but we did have a monkey that jumped out of the bushes at us and scared us. The hike was beautiful, especially the view from the top. Sonja decided to follow tradition by throwing up about an hour into the hike. After that, she insisted that she felt better and refused to turn back.

Alan got off work early today, and they took me parasailing. I had never done it before, but I loved it, especially the take off. It is such an incredible feeling to start flying up in the air. At one point, they slowed the boat down so it seemd like I was going to land in the water. Then as my feet hit the water, they took off again. Here is a little video of my not so graceful landing.

Then we went to a Young Men and Young Women’s activity at the church. They made gift bags and practiced their skits for the pioneer day celebration on Saturday. I also learned that my name means "ask" in Malay.

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